Thursday, January 3, 2013

Going Mental in 2013

Challenge Two for 2013: Improve Mentally 
(Not in the wack-o way; in the educational and growing way... OK, maybe a little bit in the wack-o way lol, but ANYWAY...)

Recently motivated by Liene Stevens of "Think Splendid" (via Christina Leigh Frederick), I'm going to attempt to read along with the new book club she started.
OK, ya got me.

Being the Social Media lover that I am, I was more intrigued by her reasoning of choosing this book rather than the book itself.
"I am choosing to kick off 2013 with this book because 'faux authenticity' is all the rage right now. It is popular to use social media and other platforms to tell a story that may sound nice, but isn't exactly your story and doesn't actually belong to you. This is damaging on so many levels. It is time to get back to being real rather than merely pretending to be real."

Anybody guilty of that? Mmmhmm, that's what I thought. I see you looking down over there.

I know that I am. If I'm being 100% honest, I like that Facebook helps you portray yourself in a way that is a little more pleasing. It's like what Photoshop does for those little dimples in your bum.
(What? Why have the blur tool if you're not going to use it, ha!)
However, I do subscribe to the fact that if you allow FB to completely define who/what you are, then you are fueling an unrealistic self-image and the pursuit of perfection. So, use it wisely.

P.S. I am starting "Challenge One: Improve Holistically" today in the Yoga Studio. Wish me luck!

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  1. So glad you will be joining us for the Splendid Book Club! Thanks for spreading the word!


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