Monday, February 4, 2013

Broke February: Spray Tan

Next up in our Broke February series is a favorite beauty secret of mine. I don't know about you beautiful peeps, but I am PAAAALE! Like Casper the Friendly Ghost pale.
As a natural blond, I'm used to turning a glowy shade of blue in the winter months. Normally, a quick pass through the VersaSpa will do the trick, but it doesn't fit within my "savvy spending" budget.

Enter: Victoria's Secret's Bronze!
images courtesy of VersaSpa and Victoria's Secret

 I feel like self-tanners get a bad rap, and rightly so. If you find a good one though, its a fabulously cheap and quick alternative to a booth.
I like Bronze: Instant Bronzing Tinted Body Spray by Victoria's Secret. It comes out in a fine mist, not runny and (most importantly) doesn't leave you with an that oh-so-unsexy orangey hue. 
Also, it's perfect if you need a quick boost of color and don't have time to run to the tanning salon.

Broke February price break down you ask?
VersaSpa = $35
Bronze self-tanner = $15
Saving me a whopping $20 bucks!
Technically more, because I'll be using this good stuff more than once ;)

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